Alexis here, the one woman face behind Yield Bakehouse, fueled by coffee and dreams. (No but really, the coffee shop down the street knows me by name!) When I'm not creating cakes and treats, I'm seeking adventure. I live for the simple joys of life; my handsome and supporting husband, my family, my friends, llamas, and french fries. Did I mention llamas? It's only a minor obsession, I promise. I'm a self-taught and mom-taught baker, inspired by the beauties around me. This all came to fruition after my mother passed away a few years ago. It made me realize that everyone should be doing something they love, because life is too short!

Yield Bakehouse is a boutique dessert studio offering custom designed and hand-crafted cakes, desserts, and confections. What started as a hobby, has now grown into a unique and specialized cake business that I'm so proud of. Weather it's your wedding day, your child's first birthday, or you just want some tasty treats, I want you to have the best dessert experience. I strive to create cakes and desserts that are not only unique, but equally as delicious. 

Now let's party!